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Over the last few years Pakistan has suffered plenty of the bad image on the international media and for real reasons as well. But that bright spotlight of the media on the country’s negative side has also left the business opportunities that the emerging country provides in shadows. Even that Pakistan was not really able to reach the high expectations becoming the next super-emerging market after Brazil a few years ago the economical growth has been relatively stable recently. As the Ambassador of Finland to Pakistan, Mr. Rauli Suikkanen wrote on his report (in Finnish) in March 2015 the expected economical growth of Pakistan is 4.3% in 2015 and inflation rate will remain low. As he continued about his experience in Punjab, many parts of the country are well developed with relatively good infrastructure and lively economic life, especially in Punjab.

But Pakistan is a also a huge country with some differences between the provinces but definitely with plenty of opportunities for Nordic businesses and companies. See also the World Bank data about Pakistan here. Despite the challenges Pakistan – one of the world biggest countries with 200 million people – is clearly developing and growing. Parliament election was held in spring 2013 and the new Government is clearly supporting the corporate sector, new entrepreneurship and foreign investments to help the country to jump back to that positive curve of development. The Government of Pakistan published in 2014 the list of over 30 state state-owned companies taken into privatization process, the long expected auction of 3G license took place in April 2014 , and the country is working closely with World Bank, IMF, ADB but also with the foreign governments for the better future, also financially. Plenty of interesting development taking place in Pakistan, please see our ‘News*-section for some.

The reason why we originally decided to establish the Business Summit is clear: we do believe that Pakistan can offer plenty of opportunities to Finnish, Swedish and other Nordic companies looking for new business and growth outside their home European Union market and those opportunities should be explored right now! But this is not only about Finnish or Swedish companies going to Pakistan, this is also about Pakistani companies seeing the opportunities in the whole Nordic region and further to European Union can offer to them. We see huge opportunities in e.g. energy sector, widely in the whole ICT sector, educational sector, health care, food production and distribution, CleanTech and environmental technologies, within those huge infrastructural development projects basically mandatory in Pakistan during the coming years, just a few to mention. We have also been supporting the new Start-Up Companies in Pakistan, hopefully able to see the Re-Birth of that Asian Tiger so dynamic and developing as the country was in the 1960’s and we would also welcome Nordic ICT sector, universities, investors and other organization working with startups and incubator centers to join that, we might say even revolutionary process.

Already two succesful events and now its time to expand into pan-Nordic level!

Over the years companies have asked us to organize a business delegation to Pakistan, understanding the possibilities existing for good cooperation between business people from both countries. Based on the positive development and clearly more corporate friendly environment in the current Pakistan, we decided to make it happen now and also create an annual event supporting that development. We are bringing together the best selection of Pakistani and Nordic companies for understanding, communication, networking and new business. All our organizing team consists of business people and therefore our focus is on new business only, really making it happen through professionally tailored matchmaking.

The Business Summit is always about two effective and productive days, one with overall brief about Pakistan and the business opportunities, another ones with tailored face-to-face meetings with the representatives of the business and corporate life, government and other valuable business sources. Every meeting is tailored by the special requirements every company and delegate might have and planned for new business and business relations.

We did it already twice. The first ever Finland Pakistan Business Summit took place in Islamabad on 4-5 February 2014 with around a dozen of companies from Finland and 40 companies from Pakistan. When all Finnish and Pakistani business people got together with people from NGOs, both Governments and also governmental organization the first Finland Pakistan Summit celebrated the new era with over 100 people in Islamabad.

The second Finland Pakistan Business Summit got back to Islamabad in April 2015! The main event took place in Islamabad on April 22, 2015 with twenty companies from Finland and around 200 people at Marriott Islamabad. In case you want to know more please click here.


Now we are Nordic-Pakistan Business Summit !

And now it is time for the 3rd one and we are expanding officially to take care of the whole Nordic region. In April 2016 delegation of companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland so the whole Nordic region will head to Islamabad to meet Pakistani companies for business, networking and new business opportunities at the Nordic-Pakistan Business Summit. In addition to Nordic countries we welcome companies from the Baltic region Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to join us for new business opportunities and networking with Pakistan and Pakistani companies!

You will find more details of the latest event here and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further questions!
Pakistani market and companies have plenty to offer for Nordic companies.
Welcome to join the Business Summits now and beyond!

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Business Summit Organizing Team

Mr. Wille EerolaMr. Matti NaakkaMr. Hassan Raza